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Welcome To Sebastian Seafood Market

Serving TAKE OUT fresh fish daily, were located on 376 Beechmont Dr, Newport News, VA 23608. Call(757) 877-2100, for pick-up orders. The natural taste of seafood with top quality recipes, will cook you a great take out lunch everyday of fresh cooked seafood starting at $4.99. Always serving only the Natural taste,seafood with top quality recopies, lunch,fresh seafood,Shrimp,Scallops,Oysters,Crabmeat,Crabs.
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Sabastian Seafood Market


Catfish Filets

Catfish live in fresh and brackish waters in the upper Chesapeake Bay and streams, creeks and rivers throughout the Bay watershed. 
The catfish is a large, smooth-skinned fish with a bluish- or blackish-gray body and whisker-like barbels around the mouth. It lives in fresh and brackish rivers throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed.
The catfish usually grow to about 2 feet in length, but can be as long as 4 feet and weigh more than 50 pounds. They are smooth-skinned, with a bluish- or blackish-gray body, a silvery white belly and olive fins. Small, dark spots are scattered across its sides; these spots may disappear as the catfish gets older. Four pairs of light, whisker-like barbels appear around its mouth. Its tail fin is deeply forked.

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Talapia Packaged

Tilapia has risen to the top as a seafood staple on American dinner tables.According to the National Fisheries Institute, the mild fish has climbed to become the fourth most eaten seafood in the U.S., behind only shrimp, salmon and canned tuna.
The truth is, tilapia has as much omega-3 as other popular seafood, including lobster, mahi-mahi and yellowfin tuna. Tilapia is also very low in fat. A 4-ounce serving of tilapia has about 1 gram of saturated fat, 29 grams of protein and around 200 mg of omega-3. By comparison, a 1-ounce serving of bacon (about 4 strips) contains 4 grams of saturated fat, 10 grams of protein and 52 mg of omega-3

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