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Welcome To Sebastian Seafood Market

Serving TAKE OUT fresh fish daily, were located on 376 Beechmont Dr, Newport News, VA 23608. Call(757) 877-2100, for pick-up orders. The natural taste of seafood with top quality recipes, will cook you a great take out lunch everyday of fresh cooked seafood starting at $4.99. Always serving only the Natural taste,seafood with top quality recopies, lunch,fresh seafood,Shrimp,Scallops,Oysters,Crabmeat,Crabs.
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Sabastian Seafood Market


Chesapeake Bay Fish

The silver perch is a small drum with a silvery body and yellowish fins. It lives in the Chesapeake Bay year-round, most commonly found in shallow waters from spring to autumn. Appearance: The silver perch has a greenish or bluish-gray body with a faint, dusky stripe that runs along the length of the body to the tail. It has a silvery belly and high, rounded back. There is a deep notch in its dorsal fin, and the fins on the lower part of its body are yellowish. Silver perch grow to 9 inches in length.

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White Shrimp

White shrimp are found off the Atlantic Coast of the Chesapeake Bay. Young white shrimp inhabit estuaries with muddy bottoms and low to moderate salinity from early summer to fall. They move offshore to spawn in the fall, as they grow large enough and cooling temperatures trigger their migration. In general, white shrimp prefer shallow water, typically less than 90 feet deep but up to 270 feet deep.

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